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Accommodation in our hotel

Appartement No.1

There are two comfortable beds in back room, both are 110cm wide. In the first room, there is an additional sofa-bed (140×200cm). Apartment has a fully equipped kitchen (mircowave, fridge, kettle, cutlery, dishes) and TV. Bathroom has shower and WC.

Apartment No.2

King size comfortable bed, a folding chair as an extra bed for child in the room and a bath-tub, sink and toilet in the bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen (fridge, microwave, dishes, cutlery, sink) and it has nice dining area. Apartment also has a TV.

Apartment No.3

This apartment is our largest in the hotel. It consists of two rooms. In the first one, there is a kitchen and table with six chairs. Also there are three confortable beds in the first room. In the second one, there are three more beds. TV is in both rooms. In the kitchen, which is a part of apartment, there are WC, basin, bathtub with modern shower enclosure. Kitchen is fully equipped with refridgerator, microwave, glassceramic hob, sink, cutlery, dishes and kettle. Total capacity of this apartment is 6 persons.

Room No. 4 with terrace

Equipped with queen bed (160cm), TV, fridge, kettle, cooker, sendwich maker, cutlery and dishes. Also shower area and WC are part of this room. It is possible to step outsize from a room to a terrace and enjoy relaxation there.

Room 5 with terrace - SMOKING

Equipped with queen size bed (160cm). Includes TV, fridge, touster maker, kettle, cutlery and dishes. Also includes WC and shower area. From this room you can step outside and enjoy relaxation in the terrace.  It is SMOKING room.

Apartment No.6 with terrace

Nice apartment with a dining room, kitchen and bedroom. It is equipped with one king-size bed (200cm x 200cm, 80″ x 80″), queen-size bed (160cm x 200cm, 60″ x 80″) and child extra bed (80cm x 195cm). Guests can use a TV set with DVD player in the bedroom.

The capacity of the suite is 2-4 people + 1 child.

There is a bath-tub with curtain, sink and toilet in the bathroom

This is the most popular suite for our guests.

Apartment No.7 with private garden and fireplace

This is the biggest and most luxurious apartment in the hotel. It consists of two separated rooms. In both there are king size beds. Total capacity is four persons. Extra bed is possible, up to three extrabed can fit in the apartment. Apartment includes bathroom with bathtub and WC. In the main room, there is large dining area with six chairs. Also opened fireplace is in this main room, where can costumers (after small training and for a fee) burn their own fire. Fireplace is opened and watching it gives extraordinary experience. Apartment is equipped with kitchen with refridgerator, sink, cooker, microwave, kettle, cutlery and dishes.

Apartment has in both rooms big "french" windows through which you can go to private garden. There you can sit beneeth big trees. Children can play in send-playground or use big hammock (for two adults). Also there is a table and chairs in which you can sit and relax.

Apartment No.8 with infrasauna

Ideal apartment for romantic souls. It is equipped with tailored made furniture which includes canopy bed. Apartmant has large bathroom with WC, corner bath and infrasauna. Infrasauna can be used without additional charges. There can be placed two additional extra beds for children. Total capacity of this apartment is thus two adults and two children. Apartment includes stylish kitchen with refridgerator, microwave, kettle, cutlery and dishes. Big LED TV is there.

Apartment No.9

Apartment includes one king size bed, which is specialy designed for guests with bigger size/weight. There is stylish bathroom with marble shower area for two people at once. Apartment includes well equipped kitchen with refridgerator, cooker, kettle, cutlery and dishes. This apartment has sun protection system, thus a guest can easily sleep there even during the day.

Apartment No.10

Apartment is equipped with a bed, which is nicely hidden in a niche, allowing guest to sleep even when morning sun starts to shine. Aside the apartment there is a big terrace, where you can sit. Apartment is equipped with dining area and kitchen. Kitchen includes fridge, mircowave, kettle, cutlery and dishes. Bathroom is equipped with shower area. Big LED TV is present.

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