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Accommodation rules

Accommodation Rules apply to Pension V Roklích


  • Upon arrival at Pension V Roklich guest will identify himself with a valid card (ID card or passport).
  • In special cases, accommodation facility may offer a guest other accommodation than the agreed one, if not substantially different from the confirmed order.
  • If one guest has been confirmed accommodation in a single room, he is charged the corresponding one-bed price even if it was housed alone in an apartment with more than one bed.
  • Rooms are available for guests to use from 15:00 hours to 22 hours. Earlier arrivals are only possible by prior arrangement and at an additional cost.
  • Based on the booked accommodation, accommodation facility is obliged to accommodate a guest, no later than one hour after the agreed time of arrival. In case of no  show in agreed time, accommodation facility  cancels the reservations and a room is freed for other guests.
  • Guest uses the room for the time arranged with accommodation facility. The last day of stay a guest is obliged to leave the room no later than at 10.00 hours (weekdays), or at 12.00 (at weekends). Failure to do so within the time, a guest will be charged for the following day.
  • Guest, which arrives before 8 o'clock in the morning, is obliged to pay for the previous night.
  • Guests are asked to do not move any equipment and to not make any repairs or modifications to the electrical network or other installations.
  • Guest is required, when leaving the room,  to close the windows, water taps, turn off the lights in a room, close the door and hand over the key at the front desk.
  • For safety reasons, guests can use in the room only own electrical appliances that are for their personal hygiene (shavers, hair dryers) and a personal computer and so on.
  • For security reasons it is not permitted to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in rooms or in other areas of the facility.
  • Dogs and other small animals can be accommodated provided that the owner demonstrates their good health during their stay disturb guests.
  • In the period from 22.00 to 6.00 hours, guests are required to follow the night piece.
  • In accordance with valid regulations guest is responsible for damage caused to property and is obliged to report the damage to the front desk.
  • Accommodation facility is bears no responsibility for guest’s possesions damages or theft of items left in the freely accessible parts of accommodation facility.
  • Guest is obliged to pay in accordance with the valid price list always at the beginning of stay. Any cancellation of accommodation prior to the scheduled departure date, are governed by the applicable cancellation conditions.
  • Management of accommodation facility accepts complaints and any suggestions for improvement, while guests may also express their views in the guest book, which is part of each room or apartment.
  • Guest is obligated to comply with the provisions of the Accommodation Rules. In the event that it is gravely violating the accommodation rules, management has the right to stand back from accommodation contract before the end of the agreed period.
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